Single Family Rental / Investment Property Services

MSI SFR Rental / Investment Property Services

With thousands of experienced vendors available nationwide, MSI is available to support inspection, maintenance, preservation, and renovation services for our clients managing portfolios of rental properties, and market-ready investment properties. We understand that our clients’ portfolios are only as strong as the condition of their assets and we are extremely committed to ensuring that our clients’ properties remain in optimum condition from pre-purchase inspection to final disposition, whether rented or sold.

  • Sale Ready Preservation
  • Pool Services
  • Occupancy Inspections
  • Insurance Loss and FEMA Inspections
  • Broker Check Inspections
  • Lawn maintenance / Tree Removal / Trimming
  • Lock Change Services
  • Securing Services
  • Snow and Ice Removal Services
  • Sump Pump Installation / Maintenance
  • Pre-Acquisition Inspections
  • Code Compliance/Abatement