For 30 years, MSI has provided the highest standards of quality and service in the field service industry. We have maintained these standards while providing cost effective solutions to our clients. Over the years we have been able to increase our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness by staying focused on training and quality control.

A vast majority of our contractors come to us with industry experience. Training is ongoing as MSI realizes the importance of keeping our field representatives informed of changing industry guidelines and requirements. Field representatives are trained to know exactly what to do and how to do it. Our goal is that they will perform their jobs just as you would do it yourself.

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    What if the market the way it is now is the new normal? […]
  • Ginnie Mae ditches paper and goes eMortgage
    Ginnie Mae, the only issuer of government-backed mortgage bonds, announced it is moving away from paper-based issuer applications to an all-electronic system. As of September 1, all applicants will be required to file electronically, via the Application Connection. […]
  • Kroll weighs in on Silver Bay Realty’s $312M rental securitization
    “Large-scale institutional ownership and management of single-family rentals is a fairly new business model and US securitization structures of the assets are still evolving,” Kroll’s presale report states. “While SBY 2014-1 is the sixth transaction of its kind, performance data for the sector is limited.” […]